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Susan works for IMIS: To get an insurance quote, send an e-mail to:
fill out the quote request form by clicking here. the home page for Maine Cat. Maine Cat is a small builder of quality sailing and power catamarans. Where we got our new glass windows from 

Catamaran friendly marinas Pam Pahl is Susan's mom. This site highlights her watercolors of dinghies, sailboats, tall ships and other items that she has painted. Chimera Glassworks is the web page that highlights the art work of Susan's sister, Fae Mellichamp. Fae is a bead and jewelry artist. Chimera Glassworks is Susan's sister, Fae Mellichamp's web page.  Fae is a jewelry & bead artist and she also teaches other artists. Great site for researching catamarans and trimarans.

National Hurricane Center Good for tracking storms Information from well known world cruiser Jimmy Cornell. Jimmy says traveling by sailboat is the safest way to travel around the world - based on his personal experiences.

Cruisers Forum  Lots of information for cruisers and wannabe cruisers, this site covers both sail and powerboats. They also strictly enforce friendly discussions - there is NO flaming here!

Animated Boating Knots by Grog Great web site that shows how to tie boating knots (and other knots too).

Walking on Water - Maine Cat 41 hull #10's blog Fellow Maine Cat 41 owners who live on their boat in the Pacific Northwest area of the US - we are not the only crazy ones!

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